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My journey in portrait photography

Updated: Mar 17

Where I was with portrait photography and where I am now. Photography is an art that keeps on growing and has no limits.

I can still remember as a teenager constantly snapping pictures of my friends, or anyone who would stay still long enough for me to capture them. Photography was very much a hobby for me back then, and something I enjoyed doing every chance I got. I didn't fully understand shadow, light, composition, depth of field, exposure, editing, posing and so many other elements but it sure made me happy.

As time went on I continued to experiment with how I interact with people on the other side of the lens, and what story I am trying to portray to others looking at the images. Little by little it became second nature to me to just understand and know how to pose, light, engage, and capture people. By no means do I feel like I have reached the peak of #portrait #photography, I know there are still miles of learning and growth ahead, but I can finally get the results I have been aiming for and as an #artist, it is a very encouraging feeling!

I think the more images I capture the more I realize they don't have to be complicated. I can use simple everyday items/props to enhance the image and give it a story of it's own.

The image above of the kitten and girl was planned in about 5 minutes - we chose her dress, grabbed the vase of flowers from the kitchen, and used a black sheet for the backdrop. There wasn't a long planning process or a studio used, and it was shot with only a large window in front of the girl for light.

Learn more about my lighting techniques here: https://sarah3670.wixsite.com/my-site-1/post/natural-light-vs-studio

For this maternity shoot the couple really wanted to be in the snow - it was cold but so much fun! I loved how they decided on cozy sweaters and hats - and it just works for the feel we were aiming for. A little bit of a Canadian/cozy-cabin vibe, with a blanket of white as a backdrop. I shot this session about an hour before sunset, and you can see how lovely and even the light was. Again, no props just people and the genuine connection that makes for a beautiful keepsake.

I'm still working hard at engaging with my subjects and capturing the expressions that are genuine and give a glimpse of the real "them", but I feel very pleased with how much I have grown over the last few years. My #goal in photography is to capture people in a classy, timeless, stunning manor - and to never be content with just taking "good portraits" but continue to pursue portrait taking to the next level.

More about me: https://sarah3670.wixsite.com/my-site-1/about

Facebook link: https://www.facebook.com/mississaugaphotographer

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