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The art of portrait photography

Updated: Mar 17

How to connect with your subject, make them feel at ease, and capturing the true "them".

Take time to know your client

We all know the typical Sears family portraits where each family member is grinning ear to ear as if to say "we are smiling on command - but hurry up and take the picture". Portrait photography should go well beyond just a point and shoot moment with your client, you are capturing a frozen moment with them. I strongly suggest that talking to your clients and getting them as comfortable as possible comes before you even pick up your camera.

Find out little details such as: What is the occasion for the photo shoot? What do they enjoy doing for hobbies? What do they feel most comfortable wearing? What kind of emotion or feeling do they want to portray? Just asking a few simple questions can really make your subject feel relaxed and more connected with you as a person. It's amazing the difference you will notice on the other side of the lens if you take these little steps, and connect to your client on a personal level first.

I find with children photography can be a bit of a scary or even annoying thing them. Usually it isn't their choice to have photos done, and to new clients I am a stranger. However, when you spend a few extra minutes to make them feel welcome and create friendly interactions, they very quickly will give you some of the most sincere expressions! (Not to mention, you will have many new little friends who will actually look forward to seeing you again!)

For baby's and toddlers it helps to have a small toy that you can use above your lens to capture their attention. Don't try to get them to just look at you, follow them around too! They are so curious at this age about everything around them, and sometimes you will capture the best images when they aren't even trying to look at the lens.

All people are very unique - embrace that and have fun capturing all the different smiles, expressions, and personalities!

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